June’s Special


If you’re pregnant, then I know that these hot, humid days in Northeastern North Carolina have made you feel a little less than at your best. When you’re already battling nausea, swollen legs, fatigue, and in my case when I was pregnant, wobbling around like a penguin… working up a sweat when you are simply just stepping outside to check the mail isn’t fun.

That’s why I’m running a special this month - to celebrate YOU at whatever stage of pregnancy you, or your partner, are in and to tell you that YOU GOT THIS!

Book my services as a birth doula and/or as a placenta encapsulator during the month of June and receive $50 off your bill. If you book both services, you’ll receive $50 off of EACH.

You don’t actually have to be due during June - as long as you contact me and pay your deposit, the offer is valid no matter when you give birth.

Contact me today!